DCS’ series of Switch Mimic Enclosures and Adapter Panels gives a visual of the director-class switch at the Central Patching Location (CPL) and improves upon TIA-942 structured cabling recommendations. Not only is the switch represented, but also each port is precisely identified as the port on the device it represents.

By representing the port at the CPL, it’s easy to identify ports without disrupting the active equipment, saving time and minimizing human error during moves, adds and changes. These solutions are used in conjunction with our Multi-Fiber Director Trunks, which are staggered to reduce slack and open up airflow into the switch.

I've been using DCS for numerous years. Your sales and install teams always meet or exceed my expectations. They are flexible and can meet my schedules. Your products are top notch.

Data Center for a Fortune 50 Telecommunications provider


DCS Offers Solutions To Match Any Switch And Mainframe Manufacturer In The Industry, Including:

  • Brocade
  • Cisco
  • Juniper
  • Arista
  • IBM




  • Takes moves, adds and changes away from active equipment
  • Simplifies port identification for ease of documentation and troubleshooting
  • Minimizes human error, preventing network downtime
  • Allows for well-organized cable management
  • Improves airflow at the active equipment