The Central Patching Location (CPL) is the nucleus of the structured cabling infrastructure, representing all connectivity ports of each piece of equipment. DCS has developed a secure Multi-Bay patching system for this centralized area. The DCS Multi-Bay CPL takes all moves, adds and changes away from active equipment, simplifying each process while mitigating the risk of downtime.

Our Multi-Bay features a series of open frame racks with vertical cable management between them and horizontal management above and below. It also has fully lockable, accordion doors for security, which can be completely open for patching, moves, adds and changes, without any obstacles between racks. As the data center grows, more bays can be easily added to facilitate scalability.

The team at DCS has always worked with me during larger projects and solve any issues that occur. They are very knowledgeable and have helped bring me up-to-speed in the short amount of time we have worked together.

Data Center for a Fortune 50 Telecommunications company


  • Takes all moves, adds and changes away from active equipment
  • Mitigates the risk of downtime
  • Accordion doors, available in many style options, open completely for ease of patching, moves, adds and changes (no obstacles between racks)
  • Doors are fully lockable for security
  • Features vertical cable management between racks
  • Manages slack on vertical cable managers
  • Includes top and bottom horizontal cable management
  • Allows for front-to-back cable pass-through
  • Fully modular for unlimited scalability
  • Back-to-back frames for tight spaces