IBM EC12 and Z13 Mimic

For mainframe applications, our 2U patch panel enclosure mimics the IBM’s zEnterprise EC12 and Z13 PCIe I/O drawers. Each 2U patch panel representing 32 FICON connections in the front and the rear of the mainframe I/O drawers. This modular solution allows you to add a 2U mimic patch panel at the Central Patching Location as you add new I/O drawers to the mainframe. Each port label on the patch panel is identical to the port on the I/O drawers and grouped by domain.

By representing the port at the Central Patching Location, it’s easy to identify ports, saving time and minimizing human error during moves, adds and changes, without disrupting the active equipment. These solutions are used in conjunction with our Multi-fiber Mainframe Trunks, which are staggered to reduce slack and facilitate cable management within the mainframe.

Our last project was a custom install and I am very pleased with its outcome. The DCS Project Manager kept me up to date with all changes and consulted as necessary.

Data Center Operations for a Fortune 50 Telecommunications company


  • Takes moves, adds and changes away from active equipment
  • Simplifies port identification for ease of documentation and troubleshooting
  • Minimizes human error, preventing network downtime
  • Allows for well-organized cable management
  • Ports grouped by domain for ease of patching and port identification