At DCS, we want your data center decision makers to use our fiber connectivity solutions to their greatest advantage. Providing one-on-one consultation and training, we help your technicians understand not only current link loss budgets and limitations of fiber cabling but also how to install and configure their next-generation products to perform at their highest capacity.

DCS’ experts in cabling infrastructures can demonstrate fiber connectivity and cable management best practices to your team, including cable routing, the importance of choosing the correct patch cord lengths, and the pros and cons of using MTP/MPO products. Plus, our affiliation with the Ethernet Alliance and Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA) keep us up to date on the future speeds of Ethernet and Fibre Channel networking technologies—and its impact on your current and future connectivity infrastructure.

With this knowledge, your technicians can reduce ramp-up time and eliminate down time, improving the efficiency of your moves, adds and changes.

With years of experience in diverse data center installation environments, our team of technicians can install your data center infrastructure with minimal down time and interruption to your operation. Once we’ve finished the installation, we also test all connectivity components and provide you with documentation of our test results.

Our pre-terminated cable designs use exactly the lengths required—no more, no less—to eliminate bends and loops in the lines and factor out slackness. As a result, hot spots disappear, air flows freely, running temperatures drop, and less power is required to run the system and maintain proper temperatures. We also use our mimic solutions for simple port identification. With each port precisely identified as the port on the device it represents, a simple visual inspection allows you to diagnose connectivity issues and easily handle moves, adds and changes.

DCS’ Professional Services include:

  • Layer one consulting services
  • Infrastructure design that ensures structured cabling best practices
  • Installation of layer one infrastructure, including overhead conveyance, Central Patching Location (CPL), patch panels and zone solutions
  • Installation of multi-fiber trunks and patch cords
  • Each fiber port documented and tested to exceed industry standards
  • On-site support

DCS produces all of our products in the U.S., in our Texas manufacturing facility. With more than 15 years of manufacturing and termination experience with fiber cable and connectivity products, our facility is committed to producing our high-quality products on time and to your complete satisfaction, testing all of cables to meet or exceed the TIA 568-B industry standard performance rating. DCS is also ISO 9001-certified.

We first assess your layer one infrastructure, and then in collaboration with you, our architects design and implement the most reliable and efficient end-to-end cabling infrastructure possible for your data center. The backbone of our True Structured Connectivity infrastructure is a centralized connectivity solution that represents all ports on all devices on the front patch panels at the Central Patching Location (CPL). This design lowers link loss budgets by reducing the number of connection points. It also saves time and minimizes human error during moves, adds and changes.

DCS focuses on current and future growth of your Ethernet and Fibre Channel networks. By keeping link loss budgets well below industry standards, we make it possible to implement your next-generation technologies without interruption or down time.

Some of the largest companies in the world trust us to design, manufacture and install their connectivity solutions. That’s because DCS focuses on the equipment and protocols these companies are currently using in their data centers, while laying the foundation for future technology. Designed not only to be high-density, these solutions are also produced with cable management and low link loss budgets in mind.

By working directly with data center managers to understand and meet their objectives, DCS is able to design and deliver innovative, leading-edge performance solutions in a very short timeframe. This differentiator has been one of the keys to the company’s success.

DCS offers a wide array of connectivity hardware, including patch panels, MTP/MPO cassettes, coupler panels, modular enclosures, above-rack solutions and cable management. We provide engineering solutions for all data center connectivity including:

  • Structured cabling
  • Mainframe and switch
  • Zone
  • Spine and leaf
  • Fabric and port identification
  • Cable management