Feb 11, 2016

Faulty Cabling Infrastructure Derails Projects

A data center networking strategy marches along to a certain cadence, and the fabric of communication must keep pace with advances in the organization. While networking hardware companies provide connectivity solutions for data centers, their portfolios are dependent on a quality cabling infrastructure. A failure in cabling infrastructure can cause the cadence to be broken, leading to the delay of migrations, upgrades, installations, and ultimately loss of the account. Success That Hinges on Strings of Glass It is tempting to assume all infrastructure is created equal because after all, it is "just glass". However, as connectivity speeds increase to 16Gbps and beyond, the margins for error decrease. High quality cables and reliable network connections are critical to successful implementation. Data Center Systems’ (DCS) team members have decades of experience creating custom cabling to exact specifications.Testing our components in Quality Assurance prior to shipment, and again during implementation ensures 100% healthy port success. The Agile Data Center Needs Agile Infrastructure Data centers must be agile and responsive to the needs of their businesses. Brocade's networking solutions enable customers to deliver on agility, but they also require an accomplished infrastructure; true structured connectivity designs enable agility. As part of our implementation, we provide you with complete documentation of the infrastructure layout. This allows Data center operators the ability to efficiently  move, add, and change equipment using our mimic panels to reflect your Director class switches , leading to simplified connectivity management.   It is all about Time and Reputation Data Center Systems brings  decades of experience in manufacturing, designing and implementing structured cabling, we call our approach “True Structured Cabling”. Our approach saves IT professionals time and allows CIOs to more easily advance future projects because of the confidence in the cabling infrastructure.