Dec 14, 2015

Data Center Systems CEO Named to Dallas’ Top 500 Most Influential Business Leaders Kevin Ehringer – D Magazine Top 500

  Many business leaders would consider placement on a list like D Magazine’s Dallas 500 as a huge personal accomplishment. Data Center System’s CTO and founder Kevin Ehringer is not one of them.   D Magazine placed Ehringer on this year’s list of Dallas’ Top 500 Most Influential Business Leaders. He is one of only six leaders in the Data Center category, and one of only two in the category who are the founders of their companies.   The overall list includes leaders from over 60 business categories, from banking to leisure and entertainment. Many of the names are legends in international business, including Southwest Airlines’ Gary Kelly, Perot Systems owner H. Ross Perot and President George W. Bush.   “Coming from my beginnings and to be recognized with the great names that are in that magazine is very humbling to me,” he said. “But even though the spotlight is on me, it’s really all of the staff here at DCS. It’s engineering, all aspects of sales, production, quality control, shipping , and  installations; it’s the entire team. To me this is a team award. Fortunately or unfortunately, I get the honor for it.”   Ehringer said it’s the employees who make DCS great, emphasizing that it’s a blessing for him to lead the business on a daily basis.   “It is not me that made this company what it is. It’s my co-workers that have been with me for a long, long period of time.” Ehringer said. Most of the people who work at Data Center Systems have been with Ehringer since 1994, and there are others who have worked with him for years before he started his first company.   Moving forward, Ehringer hopes his recognition as one of Dallas’ top 500 most influential business leaders will be a springboard for Data Center Systems.   “I’m excited about what this recognition will do for the company, our industry and ultimately our customers.” he said.   Data Center Systems is a leading networking company. It designs, manufactures, and  installs turnkey connectivity management solutions in data centers across the country; a specialized service to say the least. Most of the other companies on the Dallas 500 have a diverse product offering.   “The vision I had 20 plus years ago and what the company has evolved into has really come to fruition much better than I ever thought.” Ehringer said. “Eventually, I knew connectivity within the data center space would be as important, or more important, than the servers, switches and storage equipment its connecting. It took a little bit of time, but with the speeds and size of the packets nowadays, connectivity can be the limiting factor. But now that it is here, it will be really exciting for people to see who we really are.”   To achieve that goal, Data Center Systems is working on improving its marketing and public relations to make sure the world knows, as Ehringer says, “who we are and the expertise we bring to the table.” .   “We look forward to the challenge of being THE leader in enterprise class data center connectivity.” Ehringer said.   About Data Center Systems (DCS) Data Center Systems (DCS) designs, manufactures and installs unique products and solutions specifically developed for the physical layer of connectivity for all enterprise data center environments. DCS’ solutions address our customers’ specific needs while incorporating our expert understanding of enterprise protocols, equipment, connectivity and next-generation standards and technology preparedness with the management and documentation necessary to future-proof these increasingly complex environments. Many of the world’s largest financial, telecommunications and retail organizations partner with DCS to build, manage and evolve their mission-critical data centers.