From design to manufacture, installation to onsite management.

Companies turn to DCS to meet the intimidating new demands on data throughput fast approaching in the next several years. DCS has the knowledge, discipline and vision to design your data center connectivity infrastructure to protect your investments today and into the future. We focus on technology preparedness. Our solutions future proof your data center against the shocks of new, business-enabling apps and their flood of data to be stored, analyzed, distributed and acted upon.


DCS creates one-of-a-kind data center designs for all enterprise class data center environments. We do not force-fit designs originally intended for LAN or campus environments that are ill equipped to answer the specific needs of a large enterprise class data center. Our designs stand alone. They’re not square pegs in round holes.

We are a connectivity management provider that designs, engineers, manufactures, installs and evolves systems that are ready for the future while performing in the present with unprecedented efficiency.

Every aspect is pushed to a higher level. Just one example: insertion loss is critical to meeting the demands of high throughput applications where internal and external customers demand a low latency, real-time experience. Current industry standards just won’t get you there. That’s why our cables and connectors deliver industry-leading insertion loss standards. See how our insertion loss exceeds all standards.

Solutions for Cisco 9710, 9513, and Brocade DCX Director Class Switches

Our 10U, 11-slot Director Patch Panels for Cisco Director Class Switches are designed to give a visual of your director at the central patching facility. When you look at the Director Patch Panel, each slot and port count is exactly the same as the slot and port count on the actual director, giving you a clear understanding of exactly where to patch your directors under these high-density environments.

Cisco 9513 Director Class Switch Diagram


Cisco 9710 Director Class Switch Diagram

Cisco 9710 Director Class Switch Diagram

Our 10U Brocade Patch Panel has eight vertical blade slots to provide up to 512 fiber channel ports. These ports mirror the blade slots and port count on the DCX Director. For each new port blade that the Brocade DCX accepts, DCS has developed a patch panel coupler strip that matches the port count on that blade.

Brocade DCX Director Class Switch Diagram

Brocade DCX Director Class Switch Diagram


Structured Cabling

DCS designs data centers according to TIA-942 Telecommunications Infrastructure Standards covering cabling distances, pathways, site selection, space, and layout. In fact, we regard these standards as the minimum for designing data center infrastructure.

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Setting the stage for industries with the greatest demands.

DCS has crafted highly successful solutions for the Retail, Energy, Financial Services, Telecom and Government sectors.

A seamless process.

The DCS team is accountable and collaborative. We work with you to establish goals for your unique environment, meeting and exceeding your expectations with transparency throughout. Here is how our process works:

Our process


DCS Installation. Go live on-schedule, with no issues.

On time, on budget and with a guarantee of meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations.

When needed, installation is available with our highly experienced team of professionals who have years of experience in diverse data center environments. Our commitment is to require minimal interruption of your operation. Indeed, many firms would find it impossible to deploy new data center infrastructure with as little downtime as we typically require. Upon completion of the installation, we test all connectivity components and provide you with documentation of our test results. Think of it as a live rehearsal. We don’t leave until we are certain you are ready.

A welcome cast of features.

Any DCS installation brings down the curtain on cable clutter. Our designs use exactly the lengths required – no more, no less – to eliminate bends and loops in the lines and factor out slackness. As a result, hot spots disappear. Air flows freely. Running temperatures drop. Less power is required to run the system and maintain proper temperatures.

Simple port ID: a DCS marquee feature.

Without exception, we use verbatim mimic panels in our systems. The ports on the patch panels exactly match the placement of the ports on the director units. No chart is needed to track which port leads to another. A simple visual inspection is all it takes to diagnose connection issues. Yes, it’s true. You may applaud now.


With data management technology evolving so rapidly, even large enterprise data centers have gaps in their staff or in skill sets. To help clients handle critical issues as they arise, DCS provides professional services 7x24x365. We maintain a cadre of experts in protocols, equipment and connectivity. They stand ready, on-call. Our people represent a cost effective way to keep you running more efficiently.