A repertoire of products that push the boundaries of connectivity.

DCS demands virtuoso performance from every part of your system. We make sure each part works to our standards, which exceed those set by the industry. Just one underperforming part can slow the entire system so we insist on excellence in every component.


Maximum quality control.
Every product in our portfolio is manufactured in-house at our Dallas facility. We test everything. We document everything. Because one inferior component can impede the entire system, we stress on-going, stringent quality control measures. DCS distributes from our domestic production plant directly to our customers. This not only virtually eliminates inferior performance, but avoids distribution channel markups and keeps accountability and customer satisfaction with us.

DCS is ISO 9001 certified.


Fiber Assemblies

Fiber connectivity has come to the forefront of decision making in enterprise data centers. Extensive bandwidth demands, data center distance, latency and cost are all factors in those decisions. DCS provides the highest quality OM3/OM4 and OS2 fiber assemblies. Our expertise in true structured cabling techniques ensures your cable infrastructure will remain flexible and sustainable long into the future. All DCS’s fiber assemblies are Made in America in our production facility in Dallas, Texas and are tested to exceed all industry standards for IL/RL & end face geometry.

Fiber Optic Jumper Cables

Jumpers provide the “final feet” of connectivity between Patch Panels at the Central Patching Location or between Patch Panels and production hardware at the Zone Patching Location. They are available in a wide variety of lengths and connector styles, all designed to provide reliable, flexible connectivity options.

Fiber Optic Trunk Cables

Pre-terminated Trunk cables are tested to exceed the highest industry standards and are ready for fast deployment and ease of migration to 40G and 100G applications. Our product specific fiber trunk assemblies are built to mimic port labelling at the switch. Each connector leg is meticulously measured to reduce slack at the switch and avoid compromising connectivity.

Fiber Optic Harnesses

Harnesses are used as a quick connect extension when coupled with an MTP trunk cable. Using a harness can simplify connectivity providing a rapid solution for the end user. The harness consists of an MTP connector to an array connectors of any style needed to attach to the production hardware.

Patching Components

DCS offers a wide variety of patching components to meet whatever solution your data center may need. Our unique product line includes modular patch panels for future expansion, director mimic panels to match existing director class switch configurations and color code systems to help identify fiber types and fabrics, assuring mistake free connectivity and rapid installation.

Universal Series

Designed for non-specific patching and can be used for a variety of data center solutions.

Compact Series

Modular patching designed with less port density for ease of patching or when lower port availability is needed.

Micro Series

Modular patching products designed for more dense environments.

Micro HD Series

Patching products designed for high density environments when space is crucial and a high volume of patching is required.

Mimic Series

Patching products specific to mimicking ports and port labeling on switches back to the Central Patching Location. Mimic patch products are available for Brocade, Cisco, Juniper, IBM Mainframes and many more.

Overhead Fiber Distribution

Houses patch panels or FEX switches above cabinet rows for ease of fiber/copper distribution saving valuable RU space inside cabinets.


DCS provides a wide variety of choices when it comes to Equipment Racks and Cabinets. Our Racks and Cabinets provide logical, well-designed solutions to data center organization and security. Configure your own Rack or Cabinet system to fit any environment and meet all of your data center requirements.


The Multi-Bay is a series of open frame racks with vertical cable management between them and horizontal management above and below. The Multi-Bay is primarily used as the Central Patching Location in a structured cabling environment. With fully lockable accordion style doors in many style options, the Multi-bay can be completely open for patching, move,adds and changes without any obstacles between racks. As the data center grows, more bays can be easily added facilitating scalability.

Equipment Racks and Cabinets

DCS provides a wide variety of choices when it comes to equipment racks and cabinets. Our racks and cabinets provide logical, well designed solutions to data center organization and security. Configure your own rack or cabinet systems to fit any environment and meet all of your data center requirements.

Cable Management

DCS provides a full line of horizontal and vertical Cable Management products designed to mount in standard racks and cabinets for quick and easy routing of Trunks and Jumpers to patch panels and other equipment. DCS cable managers minimize airflow issues and contain slack from longer cables while clearly defining cable routing paths, saving time during moves, adds and changes and easing installation and connectivity to new equipment